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Stormwater Compliance

Rogue Environmental Consulting staff are stormwater and surface water specialists. State and Federal regulations regarding stormwater discharges can be very confusing. Rogue Environmental Consulting can provide your facility with partial or total environmental oversight in order for you to stay in compliance.

Rogue Environmental Consulting can develop Storm Water Pollution Control Plans (SWPCPs), provide stormwater sampling services and year-end Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs). In the event your facility is not reaching the required contaminant benchmarks, we can also provide the expertise to help bring your facility or operation into compliance using the latest proven techniques.

Submittal of an SWPCP is a requirement for all Oregon DEQ stormwater permits. These permits include:

Rogue Environmental Consulting can also assist facilities in applying for stormwater monitoring waivers or DEQ non-exposure certifications.